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Learn About Our Products

Fitness Wear

The Art of Squats in Boston, Massachusetts specializes is providing durable exercise apparel for women. We carry a wide array of fitness bras and yoga pants that offer exceptional flexibility. No matter how much your workouts cause you twist, turn, bend, and stretch, you will always feel supported with every move. To complete your gym look, we also sell colorful hats.

Waist Trainers

Our company emphasizes the importance of working your lower body through squats. However, that does not mean we ignore the other parts of your body. For a tighter and shapelier midsection, try our waist trainers. Their dark color and sleek, streamlined design allow them to be easily hidden underneath your normal clothes.

Beauty Products

We offer various beauty products to take your natural beauty to the next level. Try our line of false eyelashes. They come in various colors and lengths; some even have glitter on them for that extra touch of sparkle. We also have dark-toned waterproof eyelash glue.

Speaking of being waterproof, that is the main feature of our various red lipsticks. They are formulated to last on your puckers for a long time. There is no need for constant touch-ups. Just a quick swipe or two and you are good to go!

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