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Quality Athletic Apparel for the Fit and Fab Female

At The Art of Squats in Boston, Massachusetts, we focus on creating the perfect booty using properly executed squats. We do this by offering various products, including yoga pants, fitness bras, and waist trainers, which female gym goers can wear while working out. Our company’s complete official name is Esquats – The Art of Squats. The term “Esquats” combines the initial of the first name of our owner, Erusa (Elsa) Nabitaka, and the exercise we highlight.

Our Mission Statement

As a company that was formed by a woman, it is inevitable that women would be our primary focus when it comes to what we provide. Our intention and motivation are to lift up women and help them achieve their maximum potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Like a house built on a solid foundation, so do the legs, butt, and core serve as the foundation for the body. We believe that if women would build up these specific areas, they will feel more confident and secure within.

Our line of clothing specifically features pattern-designed material that keeps the body firm and in place while working out. The design pattern is a tough and stretchable material that holds a woman’s curves in all the right places.

We hope to reach all women around the world, no matter their size or race. After all, who but a woman would know best what women really desire? Try our products today and feel the difference yourself!

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